Pool Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping swimming pools working efficiently and smoothly is our passion!

Our maintenance team and engineers are fully accredited and trained in the latest technologies. You can be sure you are getting the best service and support. Whether it’s optimising your chemical levels, overhauling your boiler to work more efficiently, cleaning and enhancing your filtration systems or stopping any hidden leaks, our team of experienced, professional and accredited pool engineers will ensure your pool is always safe and in optimal condition.


We are only a phone call away. Our headquarters is staffed by award-winning,

ISPE Accredited pool professionals and we have been recognised experts in

the industry for over 40 years.



Summer opening service

Our most popular service – ensure your pool is ready to use as soon as the sun starts to shine. We advise on the perfect time to start heating your pool to ensure your pool is safe and ready to use when the sun starts to shine. We help you to make sure your pool is clean and safe and ready-to-use all throughout the summer.


Winter closing service

Our thorough closing service will ensure everything in your pool is treated for the cold weather and ready to endure whatever nature throws at it. Our rapid year-round service will fix any ad-hoc problems that occur with your pool.

Mid-Winter check

For just £30 BTU offer a mid-Winter check on the health of your pool, making any adjustments necessary. We find this helps ensure the Season opening runs even more quickly and seamlessly.

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